When things don't work right, we are the "go-to" company. It doesn't matter where you bought your equipment!

It's Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend, your favorite band is playing live across the country and your TV will not turn on. What are you to do? It's easy; just call Adobe Cinema & Automation.

We offer both ad-hoc on demand service calls and preventative maintenance programs to our clients in need. By keeping the proper documentation of your installed electronics on file, our technicians can begin troubleshooting your system almost immediately. Additionally, ask us how our professionally installed control systems allow for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting through the Internet from our offices.

So why is the service from Adobe Cinema & Automation any better than another company? One thing we contribute to our success is our dedicated service team that is always on call and ready to help your system back onto your feet. Our team of industry leaders are passionate about their work and will not let poor quality stand in the way. This is not just a job to us; this is our art form, and we feel we have mastered it.

Adobe Cinema & Automation works to build a win-win relationship with our clients throughout the entire project. While many companies in our industry sell equipment, Adobe Cinema & Automation offers an unforgettable experience and a life long relationship. Our name is our brand, as it is the foundation of our client-driven experiences since 2002.

So, see how Adobe Cinema & Automation can provide you with the quality of service you and your family deserve.



Based on modular designs and complete scalability, Adobe Cinema & Automation's systems are engineered for future home control upgrades. Expanding the features of your smart home as time and lifestyle permits is a breeze.

Adobe Cinema & Automation's systems deliver an unprecedented level of efficiency and simplicity, providing each user with a streamlined smart home technology experience - from simple media room control to a fully integrated whole-house experience.


Enjoy the ultimate convenience of a custom-tailored smart home that easily connects to and manages multiple intelligent control services and devices simultaneously, while effortlessly synchronizing countless commands to suit each household member's control preferences.

  • As you walk through the door, enjoy home automation by pressing the "Home" button to turn on specific lights in the house, set a pre-determined temperature, play your favorite music, or activate the jets to your hot tub.
  • As you leave the house, press the "Away" button for automated lighting control that turns off and closes specific lights and shades, adjusts the heat or air conditioning, and activates your security system.
  • Trigger your morning wake-up to open the shades, activate intelligent lighting to turn on select lights, and play music or turn on your favorite TV or radio program.
  • Perform any of these home control functions and more when away from home, on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to arrive ready to relax in comfort.

Contact us today to find out if an Adobe Cinema & Automation system is right for your home!


Home Theatre


Looking for home theater design information? We've got it! With the upfront planning, investing in a home theater can be one of the best enhancements to your lifestyle. Home theaters are great for relaxing, entertaining, and bringing the whole family together on those overcast or rainy non-beach days.

Media Rooms, Game Rooms, and Family Rooms - Are They Different? The first step is to plan your space. Will you have a dedicated home theater room or will your system be in a multi-purpose media room? Either way can be fantastic. A dedicated home theater is designed specifically for entertainment: enjoying movies, sports, TV, and video gaming. A media room serves for more than entertaining. A family room or bonus room may double as a media room as well.

Screen Size and Viewing Distance


The next steps are deciding both the location and size for your video display. Both the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and THX Ltd. (a developer of quality standards founded by Lucas Film) have recommendations on this subject. This step is very important to get right and is probably the most difficult one to fix if you get it wrong. Adobe Cinema & Automation knows how to do this right.

Acoustics and Soundproofing

It's important to have a great picture, but a movie without good sound is a terrible experience. You must be able to clearly understand dialogue. Great sound immerses you in a film's sound effects. All things being equal, acoustic treatments (many of which can blend into the interior landscape) have a larger impact on the sound than almost any component. Another point to consider is sound isolation - keep unwanted noise from adjacent areas out and sound from the theater/media room from bleeding out of the room.

Choosing the Right Equipment

This is the fun part for most people. Significant improvements in video technology can give you a great picture for a fraction of the cost only 5-10 years ago. This allows more room in your budget for great sound. Recent improvements in home theater speakers will make your surround sound experience even more entertaining. Designing your system is where Adobe Cinema & Automation experts excel in optimizing performance.

Home Theater Magic

In many cases, spending a few extra dollars on a system control, lighting control can add the extra "WOW" to your experience. We have many ideas through our experience in past projects to share and assist in creating your own personal magic.

Other Considerations

Other areas to consider are certified audio and video system calibrations; electrical requirement; ventilation and HVAC planning; and integrating video gaming for any age.

When your installation is complete, we will instruct you in the best ways to get the most enjoyment from your new home theater. You can also rest easy because we offer a complete service and support department.

Keeping in mind that a properly designed and implemented home theater will provide lasting enjoyment for the whole family.


Whole Home Audio


Music to Everyone's Ears

As the modern living space plays host to new technologies, it demands an entertainment system that is woven into the fabric of the home and can satisfy the discerning ear of any astute or casual listener. The speakers, both indoor and marine-rated outdoor, should disappear amidst the furniture, fixtures, and landscape, respectively, yet maintain functionality, aesthetics, and most of all performance. Adobe Cinema & Automation systems are custom tailored to your needs and allow for installation in spaces that you simply wouldn't expect.

When designing a custom music system, Adobe Cinema & Automation considers more than just audio performance. Create the ambience you desire by listening to your favorite artist over Sirius/XM, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, or your iTunes collection, as you move throughout the house or relax and entertain in your home.

All of the family's favorite music can also be securely stored, quickly accessed, shared, displayed, and selectively distributed throughout the home. Independent and simultaneous streams of iTunes media can routed to any area in the home, effectively achieving whole-house audio/video distribution.

Homeowners can now automatically sync music and playlists between their home computer, any compatible iOS device, and their audio distribution system, making media storage ubiquitous and user-friendly to the highest degree.

Any song uploaded to your iTunes account from any registered device at home, your secondary residence or on the go, will automatically be added to your audio library and will be available to play throughout your home.

Press PLAY. And then sit back and relax.


Whole House Video


Whether you have three or ten TVs around the house doesn't mean you also need as many cable receivers, BluRay players, AppleTVs, or video clients. Today's technology allows for seamless distribution of these sources to any TV in the house without requiring multiple units. Using a whole house video solution means you don't have to pay Comcast, DirecTV, or Dish Network a licensing fee for each of their receivers, but you will still enjoy all the benefits of their services.

Video Servers

Imagine all of your favorite movies at your fingertips. Imagine breathtaking audio and video fidelity, delivering a truly cinematic experience without the compression noise found in streaming services. Imagine not having to search for lost discs or sitting through previews and advertisements. Press PLAY, and your movie begins instantly.

You'll also enjoy more control over your movie collection than you ever thought possible. You can instantly jump to any episode of a television series, or skip directly to an exciting action scene. You can stop a movie in one room and continue watching in another room - now or two weeks from now.

  • Entertainment should be a pleasure not a chore - simple, fast, and fun!
  • Start a movie in your home theatre and resume it in the bedroom
  • Ultimate HD movie quality - true 1080p BluRay movies via a single click of a movie's cover art!
  • Simple and pleasurable - eliminates the frustration and time spent organizing and searching for that favorite movie, song or photo album
  • Instant playback in any room with the click of a button to enjoy any show from any room, anytime.
  • Added protection from being lost or damaged, as your movie collection is digitally stored on RAID configured storage solution.



Your Home's Digital Foundation

Today's modern homes have become increasingly interconnected with the internet and we expect your home is no different. In fact, Adobe Cinema & Automation believes the IT infrastructure of your home is, in fact, the digital foundation of today's modern home. Just like your home's physical foundation, the digital foundation of your home must be robust and strong enough to support the many devices that will depend on it.

Unfortunately, the over-the-counter networking appliances many consumers have relied on in the past simply cannot meet the needs of the automated residence. Video Gaming, Video Conferencing, Home Office, and Home Automation Systems are now a regular part of our everyday lives and each of these systems require access to the Internet to function properly.

Over the past several years, as this interdependency developed, Adobe Cinema & Automation has worked directly with network component providers to deliver advanced, enterprise-grade solutions to automated residences. These solutions have been developed to meet the needs of both your home's automation system and your personal use of your home's networking infrastructure. With years of successful deployments and key partnerships with major manufacturers, Adobe Cinema & Automation offers you a robust solution for your home's digital foundation.

The Integrated Network

Adobe Cinema & Automation engineers your custom network from beginning to end, guaranteeing your expectations will not only be met, but exceeded. Every network solution is tailored to the home's specific needs.

Security You Can See

An Adobe Cinema & Automation network offers options for unified threat management (anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, intrusion prevention, web filtering, and application control). Every system provides standard practices such as secure VPN access, managed VPN profiles and highly encrypted wireless networks along with guest access wireless networks. Further security can be implemented when needed in order to protect corporate data and private information.

All The Features You Want and More

Adobe Cinema & Automation networks offer the following features and benefits:

  • Full Property Wireless Coverage
  • Secure Guest Access
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy Measures
  • Secure Remote Connection
  • Intelligent Wi-Fi - No Dropped Signals
  • Automated Network Management

Contact us today to find out if an Adobe Cinema & Automation network is right for your home!

phone system

Phone Systems


Adobe Cinema & Automation offers phone systems for any size home. From traditional analog systems with static-free wireless handsets to flexible and scalable IP telephone system solutions including a PBX Server, VoIP gateways, handsets, and SIP clients, as well as full-duplex communication from telephony-enabled iOS devices.

Our communications solutions deliver to our clients all of the features of a powerful telephone system, including advanced automation and media, with the ease of an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch interface. This complete solution allows for room-to-room communication, integrated intercom features, and convenient outbound/inbound domestic and international calling.

These systems are expressly designed to maximize home communications. With a wide array of features, it offers the functions of both a telephone system and an intercom system, plus a whole lot more. Customized solutions allow for:

  • Assignment of specific lines to each phone
  • Room-to-room intercom calls at the touch of a button
  • Forwarded calls to an outside location (e.g., a second home)
  • Room monitoring (e.g., baby's room)
  • Paging all system handsets
  • Enjoyment of conference calls
  • Multiple personalized voicemail boxes
  • Integration with door/gate phone
  • and more

Let us know how we can implement an Adobe Cinema & Automation telephony solution to best serve your needs.

central vacuum

Central Vacuum


Keeping today's high-tech, energy efficient home cleaner and healthier takes powerful performance and better technology. Central vacuum systems provide both in addition to quieter operation, more convenience, and added value. The result is a total whole-house cleaning experience.

Indoor air pollution is one of the most common problems addressed by allergists and is troublesome for their patients. Central vacuum systems often are recommended for removing pollutants. Unlike conventional vacuums that can recirculate dust, a central vacuum system can remove 100% of contacted dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens and is superior to a conventional vacuum in providing relief from allergy symptoms. A University of California Davis study determined central vacuum systems improved quality of life by:

  • Nasal = 47%
  • Non-Nasal = 48%
  • Eyes = 61%
  • Sleep = 44%

Greater Cleaning Power

Because of its powerful motor and large air flow, central vacuums pick up deep down dirt, dust and debris, even microscopic particles like pollen, mold spores and dust mites. Central vacuums eliminate all those dust particles you see in the air after vacuuming with a traditional upright or canister vacuums, as well as that familiar "vacuum smell."

Convenience and Ease of Cleaning

No heavy equipment to lug around; no cords to trip over or catch on furniture; no clunky unit nicking the furniture and woodwork as you move from room to room. Lightweight hoses and attachments are easy to carry. Convenient outlets placed to your specifications allow quick and efficient cleaning. Quick-clean accessories provide instant access to vacuum power for life's daily messes!

Quiet Operation

Because the noise from the system is generated in an out-of-the-way area, vacuuming with a central vac system makes less noise than a hairdryer or clothes dryer. Quiet enough to vacuum in the same room as a sleeping child!

Ask Adobe Cinema & Automation how we can improve the quality of your health at home.


Lighting & Shade Control


Enhance Comfort & Convenience

Your home should be designed to complement your needs. As your needs change throughout the day, your lighting should adapt as well; bright to read a book, but dim for computer use. Adobe Cinema & Automation's solutions provide convenient access to light control, creating a comfortable atmosphere to support your activities throughout the day.

Elements of Comfort

Personalize a light control system to recall favorite settings and effortlessly transform the light that surrounds you. Control your home's lighting from a master keypad, by remote to easily change your visual environment at the touch of a button, or remotely from your phone or tablet. Timers, fan controls, and occupancy/vacancy sensors can be added for convenience to automatically control your lights and fans.

For rooms with ample sunlight, you can integrate a shading solution with electric lighting for total light control. Shades can be preset for different room uses or adjusted for changes in time of day or season.

When designed properly, your space will work as hard as you do. Made for flawless incorporation with any decor, a wide range of colors and styles are available, so design never suffers for the sake of function. With advanced technology and dedication to quality, luxury is completely within your control.

Save Energy

Today, energy efficiency is an essential element of every home and business. In fact, lighting can account for up to 20% of a household's yearly electricity usage. Energy-saving light control solutions have been used for more than fifty years. When considering your options, keep in mind that saving energy can be achieved without sacrificing style or convenience.

There are many ways to save energy throughout a home; from dimmers, occupancy sensors and whole home light control systems to window shade solutions that manage daylight and help control heating and cooling costs. Replace a single light switch with any dimmer and potentially save $30 a year. Combine dimmers, timers, sensors, and window shades to maximize your energy efficiency by 15% or more.

Contact us today to find out if an Adobe Cinema & Automation lighting and shade control system is right for your home!


Environmental Control



Few homeowners spend much time thinking about thermostats and which one is right for their home. But perhaps they should, because a properly designed thermostat can do much more than just turn your heating and cooling system on and off. And while you usually think of thermostats as just controlling your home's temperature - we view thermostats as your easy-to-use command center, as you can control and customize your entire home's comfort experience.

  • Schedule service for comfort and energy savings
  • Control conveniently at home and from anywhere in the world
  • Eliminate wall clutter with remote sensors that disappear into the interior landscape

Total home automation must include HVAC! Today's state-of-the-art homes include complete automation systems for lighting, sound systems, video, security and more. Adobe Cinema & Automation's systems provide for integration of all of your heating, cooling, and humidity controls into a completely automated solution. Total control, total automation.

Pool & Spa

Put pool on cruise control with an automated control system. What does this mean for you?

  • No more trips to the equipment pad!
  • The days of going out into the cold and stumbling around in the dark to operate pool and spa equipment are over.
  • Convenient control from anywhere in the world. Warm up the pool before you arrive.
  • Reduce your energy bills!
  • Schedule off peak operation of pumps and filtration.

Ask Adobe Cinema & Automation how we can enhance both your indoor and outdoor systems with an automated control system.


Security & Video Monitoring

Technology is about much more than business and entertainment. It is also about keeping you and your family safe and secure. Adobe Cinema & Automation knows that and our focus is always on you. Our client.



Adobe Cinema & Automation makes it easy to monitor and control the safety and security of your home to ensure that loved ones and personal property are always protected.

We offer ultimate peace of mind and endless safety options:

  • At home or away - press one button to activate motion sensors and security cameras, turn on exterior night lights, close every blind, and automatically lock all the doors.
  • When you pull into your driveway, your home automation system can automatically illuminate the path to your front door, turn on key interior lights, and deactivate your security system.
  • No more fumbling around in the dark - as you move about the house, lights turn on or off for you, an especially useful feature if your hands are occupied with packages.
  • Receive system notifications (emails, texts, etc.) when the kids arrive home from school; if anyone enters or exits the home; if a medicine chest or liquor cabinet has been opened; or if a garage door hasn't been closed.
  • Activate home automation security from anywhere in the world to get a complete visual check of your home, inside and out, by viewing security cameras from your computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Video Monitoring


An Adobe Cinema & Automation video monitoring system brings you peace of mind with the assurance that your home is equipped with the most advanced and reliable technology available. A home should be a place where you and your family feel safe, and today's technology makes it easier than ever to have that necessary sense of security.

Video monitoring system features include:

  • Multiple camera locations
  • Night vision cameras
  • Motion sensing alerts and recording
  • View cameras on televisions or on internet connected Mac/PC, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and other mobile devices
  • Integration with an automation system

Adobe Cinema & Automation will assist you in selecting the right video monitoring solution.

About Us

Adobe Cinema & Automation is an award winning comprehensive electronic lifestyle management company, providing luxury residential electronic systems and management services to discerning clientele on the Cape and Islands markets. Our continued growth is due to our success to execute targeted initiatives that have led to long-term client relationships and cultivating our reputation as the premier electronics contractor in both the mid- and high-end residential markets. We invite you to see why discerning clients select Adobe Cinema & Automation as their 'electronic lifestyle management company.'

Mission Statement

Adobe Cinema & Automation will focus on providing the highest level of knowledge, skill, and customer support to you, our client. Through education we will continue to increase our technical capabilities, through practical application we will increase our proficiency, and through understanding of your needs and exceeding your expectations we will leverage unsurpassed degree of support and grow our business. We are positioned in a commodity-driven industry, but succeed through pioneering value-added personalized services.

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